Teaching Philosophy

Singing is one of the most visceral, moving forms of expression available to humans. Everyone has the ability to sing, but many people have entanglements preventing them from using their voice in the most expressive way possible. I believe it is my job as a voice teacher to condition the body and voice to respond to whatever dramatic impulse the singing actor has. Because each singer who walks through my door brings their own background—and resultant physio-emotional holding patterns—into the studio, the path to compelling vocalism is different for each one of them.

As a teacher, I am not interested in gimmicks or “quick tricks” that simply put a bandaid on more fundamental issues. I work with each student to solidify a reliable technique that will sustain them throughout their lives while maintaining the essence of what makes each voice unique. Some students thrive when focusing on dramatic intent, others need very direct technical language, others respond well to imagery, some find their way through movement… My gift lies in my ability to help a wide variety of singers find their most expressive voice and move others.

If you have any questions about how I teach, please feel free to contact me.